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Mission / Vision Statement of the public authority

The inception dates back to 1958 and remarkable 75 years and more of holistic development and growth have been the cornerstone of a legacy that is; our institute Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal.

One of the premier medical institutes of Telangana, currently taking in 250 students each year for MBBS and conducting post-graduate courses in all departments, our college has produced efficient and eminent health care providers.

We, the KMCians are fully committed to providing medical education and training, and research, both in terms of quality and quantity to develop compassionate, professionally excellent, and ethically sound doctors. This is not all. We tried to create an atmosphere for students to be trailblazers in what they do, instilling in them a sense of intellectual curiosity and a sense of joy and passion in whatever big and small they learn. We leverage our physical and human resources to gift doctors who do not limit themselves during the ailments but go beyond and heal the patient, strengthen the patient’s family and exchange their knowledge with the medical and non-medical fraternity.      

As Hippocrates famously quoted, “wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love for humanity”, we wish our students to utilize their own creativity and inquisitiveness to contribute to humanity with what title and advanced technology they have in hand. Here at KMC, the experienced, well-qualified, and dedicated faculty does not aim at spoon-feeding the students but ensures that their instructions facilitate wholesome development in the medical practitioners, thus preparing them for tomorrow's medicine. Libraries and reading rooms on the campus make theoretical knowledge easily accessible to the students.

Well-equipped laboratories and associated well-acclaimed hospitals including, the newly built super specialty hospital with state-of-the-art facilities enable our students to keep up with the advancements in the medical field; thereby moulding their scientific and technical temperament aiding the right diagnosis, , treatment, and follow-up strategies. The high patient influx caters to the practical needs of the students, building doctors with astute perception and absolute compassion.

Sports and extra-curricular activities in the form of various fests and exhibitions boost their confidence, inculcates team spirit and coordination, and creates opportunities for them to break their bubble and have a comprehensive outlook in life. In-campus hostels provide good and safe accommodation away from their homes paving the way to an independent and disciplined lifestyle. The Anti-ragging committee ensures that ‘Ragging is prohibited’ Isn’t just a statement on print.

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With the glorious history of 75 years, we are proud and at the same time find ourselves more responsible to carry on this magnificent legacy of growth from ups and downs and ebbs and tides. We believe that our culture isn’t a setoff customs and traditions alone, but is rather made up of emotional, intellectual, and physical realities that make our Indian identity.

The quote “The Earth sometimes bears gems and here is one adorns the medical college entrance. As a proud alumnus of this prestigious institution, I feel privileged to invite you to join us in the journey of striving for the same as we continue to heal with zeal.